Our History

What do you think if I put a pot of my vegetable beef soup in your store? an emphatic "yes!" was the answer that danny bowling gave to his mother-in-law, Bette, in 1987... and the seed for soupy's was planted. After starting with that one pot of soup in bowling's meats & deli in the highlands, Soupy's opened in 1995 and has sold more than two millions cups of soup. Bette worked in a small 2' by 3' corner of the deli perfecting her recipes for many of the soups on the menu today including: cheesy potato, chili, chicken & dumplings, bean & ham, burgoo and, of course, vegetable beef.

Our Story

She worked tirelessly cutting every ingredient by hand, rolling out the dumplings with her floured rolling pin and chatting with the regulars. This meticulous process was passed down to danny and his brother-in-law, john, who started the company together in 1995. Many thousands of gallons of soup later, the process is still the same: ingredients cut by hand, the soup produced in small (4 gallon) batches, and served with a smile and friendly word... just like bette did some 25 years ago.